Climate Change 101

What part of “climate change” and “global warming” don’t people understand and continue to deny? Are they the same people who still believe the Apollo moon landings were faked and filmed somewhere in New Mexico? Even individuals who reluctantly acknowledge the existence of global warming refuse to believe that humans have caused the changes.

In my opinion, based on personal exposure to news reports, various articles and my own observations, the following is a short list of the undeniable with some relevant links:

  1. Icebergs breaking up at top of world –
  2. Receding Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska, among others –
  3. Displacing polar bears due to melting ice –  &
  4. Oceans warmer & rising –
  5. Weather patterns going through dramatic changes—more rain, more drought, more and more severe tornados, more flooding—even in my own state and region –
  6. Record-setting heat waves in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago (at the same time) in July of this year –  

Here are a couple more links which may convince even the most skeptical among us that we citizens of this planet have a critical problem WE need to address NOW.

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