Writer’s Conferences: Ten Reasons to Attend

Hundreds of conferences for writers are held each year in the United States. If you aspire to a career in writing or simply want to expand your expertise in the field, you must consider attending.

Expending the funds—including conference fees and travel—to go to any conference must be weighed against what will be gained.

Here are ten potential benefits to evaluate, in no particular order.

  1. Learning new skills/techniques for writing
  2. Learning about publishing processes—traditional, small press, and self-publishing
  3. Selling your writing products
  4. Pitching your products to a publisher/editor/agent
  5. Speaking to other writers—sharing experiences, difficulties, successes, & questions
  6. Making professional contacts
  7. Participating as a speaker—discussing your products or writing/publishing experiences
  8. Entering your unpublished products in contests
  9. Taking a break from your normal life-activities
  10. Visiting cities/states away from your home

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